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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 26, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> it is. >> etch-a-sketch >> what? >> what site were you on? >> you have to demand fox business network. >> >> i wasn't doing anything. is today cyber morn demand it. >> sure. there you go. all right. well, be careful. be rise. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino and "top kill brian kilm. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: who in the world can save us from the fiscal cliff? >> first of all, give honor to god. ♪ ♪ lord and savior, barack obama. >> eric: not even that savior. 36 days going over the fiscal cliff. you should know what is at stake if partisans don't figure out a way soon.
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bush tax cut goes away and that alone would drive taxup fo. the patches will die as well. so add in the failure of the super committee and sequestered $1.2 trillion. spending cuts of $600 billion in defense. why are we here? you can't blame revenues. americans forked over $2.3 trillion in taxes and fees last year. the taxaholics are stone cold drunk on our spending. spending is out of control. mr. president, waiting for you to stand up and show leadership. bob, haven't heard a thing. crickets. >> eric: i think you heard things. there is movement going on
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here. >> bob: i'm glad they're breaking away from norquist and say there is a need for revenue. i think whether that comes in form of limiting deductions to $50,000 for people making over $250,000 or -- >> eric: i can say. we will get to all of that. we'll get to the deals that may go on. where is obama's deal or his idea? his proposed, i don't know. the medicare, medicaid, reform to get the tax cuts. >> bob: there will be form of entitlement of increasing the age of retirement age for social security, or taxing people. there are things in the works here. they won't let it happen at one time. you are doing this to protect
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people making moment. >> eric: a number came out, if you go ahead and let the bush tax cuts expire you raise eight or nine days of government. >> dana: the failure of the super committee is the reason we're here. they were supposed to get to a deal. they couldn't get to one. president obama and congress kicked it to this year. now we lead up to this moment. last february, john boehner speaker of the house sent a leletter saying this fiscal cliff is bad for the economy. let's work together now. president obama says no than thanks. this killed me. nothing changed since december of 2010. president obama talked about losing in the midterms and said the worst thing we can do
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is high inemployment and slow economic growth is raise taxes on anybody so support me in extension of the bush tax cu cuts. nothing has changed about the economy now but the economic growth projections are worse. this is not a great way to make good policy. >> kimberly: that is their campaign slogan. they don't make concessions. they have to do something serious about cutting back on spending. coming back in with the entitlement. without that, it won't make a difference if they raise taxe taxes. taking out the bush tax cuts won'tbe make it go away. >> eric: the food stamp recipients. the latest number. $47 million. more than alabama, connecticut, delaware. minnesota, nebraska. nevada. new hampshire. new mexico.
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north dakota, oklahoma, oregon, rhode island, south dakota, utah, vermont, west virginia and wyoming combined. populations of those. more americans on food stamps. >> we had eric cantor on the radio today. he has more power than boehner. i said if you go up five points as bill crystal says, go up five points. give the president his trophy. he said if i thought it would work and against what i thought was against the republican doctrine, i would do it. it will hurt the economy. let's get over this. we'll know how the next four years will go by the way the month goes. this is new barack obama. but if he back aceway and says call me if you get a deal
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we're in trouble. >> the president made clear he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts or those making more than $250,000. math tells us that you can't get the kind of balanced approach you need. without having rates be part of the equation. >> eric: i have to ask you -- go ahead. >> dana: i'm listening and i'm thinking set aside politics for a second and say that you could get the money you wanted. in a different way. limiting deductions. limiting deductions. not talk about the spending. why wouldn't you take that deal? if you get the same results, why not do it? temporary measures have not worked. it seems that they are being, i understand they are in negotiations but again, doing
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something just because it works politically does not make necessarily for good policy. i think unfortunately we have come back to bite them. i think there will be a deal. to knowingly push the country to another recession is unconscionable. >> eric: i heard cantor talk about he may be interested in talking about deductions. some other form that weren't raising rates. >> bob: the republicans are forcing this over the fiscal cliff. >> eric: this f they sign on the dotted line -- >> it's how much revenue does the deduction saves. >> dana: let's say it's equal to amount they were suggesting in raising rates. >> bob: that is a reasonable position. there is going to be spending
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cuts there. just are. whether it's simpson bowles or the super committee is to have three or four dollars in spending cutting for every dollar in revenue. >> brian: will there be entitlement? medicaid or medicare? >> bob: yes. >> brian: durbin said he would be interested in that. is the president going to keep it to 250,000? that is a negotiating point. if eric cantor said don't talk to me about raising rates that would be wrong. warren buffett says $500,000 should be the threshold. why is the president saying it's $250,000 or i am not signing it? >> kimberly: it's campaign promises. that is his political ideolog ideology. instead of what is best for the country. >> eric: put you on the spot -- >> kimberly: the math shows it won't make a difference. why is he doing it in any way? because he said he would. not good enough reason. obligation to the country.
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>> bob: he said he wouldn't allow tax cuts to go for people making that money. i think that between that and entitlement reform you will get a deal. >> eric: let me ask this question. i call grover norquist, what is going on here? he said read between the lin lines. only when democrats put up their end of the bargain they would negotiate. if they do, they can change the rate and close a loophole and they will violate a no norquist pledge. should they? violate the pledge they won on and run on and may change the tune. >> dana: i never liked pledges about anything. i think when you get elec elected -- right. pledge of allegiance was great. do it every day at school. only pledge is i pledge to
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uphold the constitution. pledge to make good decisions. if republicans get to a deal where rate goes up less than if the push tax cuts expire, then have you violated the pledge? this is getting -- >> eric: i said don't agree to higher taxes. how do you get away to ask them to sign that. when you might need it. >> bob: who the hell snore let me just tell you. he has 280 people signing -- he is not an elected official. pressure by this is phenomenal. he is right. stop this. >> bob: what does norquist do with anything? you said he isn't elect
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official. he is a blow-hard. people are scared and they're pushing back on the guy. about time. this guy has no right to hold up anybody. he is nothing more than guy with an office on k-street. >> what happened is he got 236 representatives in the house. 41 senators to sign on. when they signed on, a lot of them, a lot of them put that pledge right up on the wall. >> dana: getting a good housekeeping seal of approval in conservative districts to say he promised you weren't going to do, complain that the republicans done in the past. go back on their word. >> eric: the situation change -- >> bob: the situation changed now and time to forget about the norquistor 15 or 20-year-old pledges and get back to the reality now. >> kimberly: it's not about making a pledge to fiscal responsibility. hello. that is a simple, honest good thing to do for the country to benefit all americans. not just one part of it. >> bob: what are you talking about? >> kimberly: fiscal responsibility. do the math. >> bob: norquist fiscal
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responsibility? >> kimberly: create jobs not stifle people -- >> bob: i don't think norquist is an economist. >> kimberly: that is missing the point. who cares what he is. >> bob: he is nothing. >> eric: we got to go. up next, look at a new video of a black friday brawl. wait until you hear what they are fighting over. maybe cyber monday shoppers have the right idea. but the online deals may not be such a steal. proposed taxes go in action. dana on deck with the info next. ♪ ♪ [ grunts ] hand cramp! it's cramping. go ice that thing. sorry. hand cramp. ahh. [ male announcer ] cyber monday is back. shop now for great savings with free shipping. the first and only place to go for cyber monday.
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>> dana: record-setting holiday weekend. 247 million shoppers hit stores and web sites to cash in on savings spending $59 billion. up 9% from last year according to the national retail federation. now it's cyber monday turn. online giant had
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17 million items ordered last year. 204 items every second. the stats could be shattered this year. shoppers could spend $2 billion today. that is a 20% increase from last year. let me ask people at the table, anyone go shopping on black friday? >> kimberly: my gosh! >> dana: brick and mortar stores? >> kimberly: i was thinking how much of that am i responsible for. yes, i went to a couple of stores. i was online friday, online last night. saturday. and today. >> brian: how do you get to the lines? >> kimberly: online. >> dana: you didn't go to the stores? >> kimberly: on friday. >> dana: you are a store person, right? you said you support them? >> brian: if i was going to shop, i wait for a week out before december. i have cleared all the clutter. i have to be focused. i cannot be thinking about christmas a month out. but i am, i'm for cyber monday but not if it will kill retail store. i'm pro-brick and mortar.
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i feel bad for person that has to sell waterford crystal and have a price with taxes on it. >> kimberly: i went to k-mart, too. >> brian: that is great. >> dana: but it isn't just -- cyber monday is a thing, if you are at work, supposedly you are not shopping online, right, bob? >> bob: right. >> dana: doing other things online. amazon, i talked to them yesterday. they hired 50,000 seasonal workers. a lot of those people will get full-time jobs but they get paid, brian, about 30% more than your average traditional retail job. so some of the fulfillment centers are good for -- for -- >> eric: you are so in the doghouse. embrace technology. embrace the future. the future isn't brick and mortar. what is going on is best buy falling off the table, driven in ground. >> brian: it's unfair. >> eric: they go to best buy to look at the plasma or led and then go online to get the
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best price. >> kimberly: why wouldn't you do that? >> eric: right. >> bob: going to shop on friday is getting malaria, as far as i'm concerned. i wouldn't set foot in the store. >> dana: let's show an even event. we have video here. fight. over a pair of shoes. three guys, over -- kimberly, would you fight over pair of shoes? >> brian: yes, you would. >> dana: wrong person. would you fight over a pair of shoes? >> bob: absolutely not. >> kimberly: have you seen his shoes? >> bob: beg your pardon. >> brian: i bought him those shoes. >> bob: i don't understand why should the brick and mortar stores pay taxes, retail taxes and people on the internet don't. not fair. >> brian: i agree. the three guys fighting over shoes and two women got into it as well. so i find it unthinkable. if i am going to fight on black friday it's over halle
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berry, because she is getting -- something to fight for, you had her boyfriend fight against her fiance. that is something to fight for. >> dana: but that wasn't over shopping. >> brian: but happened on a big shopping day on friday. i agree with bob. best buy goes out of business and they're not paying taxes online. >> eric: you talk all career long raising taxes in a bad economy is counterinstewtive. lower taxes and inspires the growth. raise taxes on online provider, on the shopper so they compete with the -- >> dana: can i pile on? i think the online shopping has evolved. i will use myself as an example. i used to go to buy special things or buy a gift to send flowers or somebody. it started like that.
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but it's morphed over time. they have better customer service usually. the convenience of it, if i don't have to figure out a way to get on a subway and -- >> kimberly: right. free shipping. i am paying more for a scenario at best buy because i am paying 8.25% state tax on my amplifyer. that is not everywhere. >> brian: if you want convenience -- >> bob: the $59 million or billion over the weekend were taxed, right? you tell me $2 billion is taxed? >> eric: brick and maror profits -- can i hold this up. the redline is the online retailers only. blue line is brick and mortar. brick and mortar are up 22% for the year. fantastic. look at the online people.
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up 46% on the year. here is my point. you tax and spenders, all you want to do is ruin a good thing. a great business model. you are trying to tax it back to brick and mortar. >> dana: you are talking about huge stores and the tax issue. if you are a small business owner and you have a gadget to sell out of your garage and you work hard, you don't the money to comply with the different state laws across the country. whatever you call them. >> bob: we are not alone. a lot of republican governors are for taxing the internet. >> eric: in new jersey, i believe you don't pay sales tax on clothes. add sales tax on clothes there? >> brian: absolutely. >> eric: that is because you're from new york.
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>> dana: it should be fair. should you tax food? chocolate or not? it goes on and on. >> bob: if you talk about fair, how is it fair that people that go to the brick and mortar stores that pay taxes and other people on the internet don't. >> dana: we will explain it in the break. we have to go. major power grab in egypt. susan rice blames the intel community. the anti-muslim video that we talk, he will speak for the first time. the foreign policy roundup is next.
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thursday, egypt newly elected president mohammed morsi granted himself sweeping powellers to give him oversight of any kind and says it's necessary to push through much-needed reforms but they responded with violent protests. this is something that is controversial. people say we have opineed the arab spring but the democracy is thrown aside. >> eric: mohammed morsi before the peace treaty or the cease-fire they came to agree on, before it seemed like he was going to side with hamas, with the palestinians. somehow he came through and came through, first of all, the most important thing he did is declared that the egypt israeli peace treaty or treaty in effect and strong. that really told the world that egypt is going to continue to be a good ally. he is getting pushback from his people because he declared himself the czar or pharaoh or
2:29 pm
whatever once in power. but for me, egypt is the most important piece of the pozle in the middle east -- pozle in the middle east. >> dana: this really saddened me. people in egypt, those who participated in the arab spring fought for self-determination. they wanted to trust their government and be part of it. morsi said all that you fought for and all we went through, forget it. i will be the new mubarak basically. he isn't mubarak. but then our state department, we have to issue a condemnation, but it was weak, because we need to work with him because of what eric said. >> kimberly: any difference between mubarak and morsi? >> brian: yeah! mubarak had an understanding that the west is his key to prosperity. number one. morsi has no leadership experience period and clumsiest collaboration of powers of i've seen. god is maybe the captain of the ship so therefore i'm not listening to the judiciary. that is a joke.
2:30 pm
on top of that, we cannot pretend our money is keeping them afloat. the minute we pull the money out we lose leverage and iran steps in. what he is doing now is horrendous. i'm heartened to see people step in front of him. i am rooting for the military. we trained the military. i want them back. >> kimberly: we have to go to susan rice. >> bob:be muslim brotherhood is not in favor of what mohammed morsi is doing. >> brian: that is why the riots got canceled? >> bob: it was. >> kimberly: talk about another developing issue, susan rice and whether or not she will face opposition if she in fact becomes secretary of state. interesting that she blamed intel community on -- this is the day before thanksgiving. saying she relied solely and squarely on information from the intel community. now it looks like some of the g.o.p. senators pushing back against her potential nomination, saying it will be okay. they might support her.
2:31 pm
>> bob: i think they will support her. she did take the intel community talking point and went on the air with them. no idea the other stuff is going on. maybe she should have. she took what is available to her, the national security brief. that is what she used. >> eric: i'm surprised that senator mccain is pushing back. he came out vehemently against susan rice being secretary of state. confirming, indicating he would filibuster her nomination for secretary of state. he back tracked. i'm not sure that he wants to filibuster john kerry or doesn't bant to be -- they don't want to be seen as filibuster party. but i find myself -- buying myself a can of wd-40 for -- >> brian: why? >> eric: obama is sliding past everything. he slipped past fast and furious. and now he is sliding to the re-election. >> kimberly: that is pointed
2:32 pm
right at bob. don't spray that at me. light a match and i go up in flames here. brian, what do you think? aboutface? pushed through? >> brian: john mccain and lindsey graham would be crazy to say we'll listen to her side of the story. not what she is about. chance to speak up. peter king nailed it. the intel community might have given you papers and a talking point. no excuse not to use your inquisitiveness and find out answers on your own. the world is in new york city. what do you read on this? for the last five days i get this is al-qaeda. i'm not going to go throughout and make myself look bad -- >> eric: why are the senators pulling back? >> dana: i have a reason. i don't know this for sure. gut instinct. if you read carl cannon of real clear politics, straight down the middle guy, touching on your thing how bizarre the story is and how they slid past it. i doesn't pass the smell test. i think the reason that the
2:33 pm
republican senators can back off if that is what they're doing is last week, national liberal columnist came out and said it's not just the benghazi thing. forget about that. she does not deserve a promotion based on performance. if you have that, then if you have that on the left, on the right you can let go a little bit. >> kimberly: quick, i want to bring this up. this is interesting. the coptic christian that is jailed for making the film, freedom of expression and not backing down on it. site of the 2009 massacre in fort hood, texas, prime example of the violence committed under the sign of allah. what do you make of the comments? >> eric: this guy is probably of the most, disrespected or one of the worst treated human beings in america in the last five or ten years. i can't believe what they did to him. >> dana: good for him and shame on hollywood to stand up for anybody else on the first amendment rights. shame on the aclu who didn't
2:34 pm
defend him. >> brian: horrible movie producer but someone sticks by what he believes in, should be given pat on the back. >> dana: and bodyguard. >> brian: he is confusing to talk about because he looks like the invisible man but he believes he is telling the truth about muhammad. he is not backing off. >> bob: he has got, he thinks he is telling the truth about muhammad. anybody that produces a bad film, as incendiary as this is in the muslim world i don't have sympathy for the guy at all. >> brian: sound arrest him? >> dana: not in america. it's very chilling. >> bob: arresting him was a mistake. but on the other hand, i don't think he should be applauded for anything he did was great. he put together a violently bad film. >> kimberly: but it's his constitutional right in this country to express his first amendment rights. >> dana: yep. this is america. >> kimberly: coming up, crucial piece of evidence discovered in the anthony
2:35 pm
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i'm bret baier in washington. the countdown to fiscal cliff is 36 days away. they limit the tax deductions and loopholes instead of the tax rate increases on high earners. the spokesman said it's not realistic and repeated a veto threat. there is a g.o.p. movement to vote against any tax increas increases. the president press secretary counters the administration remains hopeful and optimistic a deal can be reached. this is cyber monday.
2:40 pm
experts predict americans will spend $1.5 billion in online shopping. fox news told iran exploited media attention on the israeli-palestinian conflict to expand the arms delivery to syria. special from washington starts at 6:00 eastern now. back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> brian: is that from the movie or johnny cash? do we know? >> dana: don't know. >> brian: we remember casey anthony is a free woman after being acquited of murdering her daughter in 2011. >> did the jury find the defendant not guilty? so say we all. orlando, orange county, florida, 5th day of july, 2011. >> brian: investigators in the case, they checked out a laptop used by casey and
2:41 pm
missed something on search engine for suffocation methods on the day that casey disappeared. on mozilla firefox. what can they do if they find out about it now is >> kimberly: nothing. it's double jeopardy. they can't retry her. she is acquited of the charges. that is significant. it should haven't been missed. sloppy investigating or if they deliberately didn't include it because there is an allegation it didn't fit with the prosecution's theory. you have to understand this started with the sheriff's office and the investigation. a lot of criticism of investigation. took too long, mishandled the evidence. if you recall a phone call was made that there was possible remains found in the area. nobody went to see it. we don't know how long it had been there and compromised. somebody else, move it. was he involved?
2:42 pm
a messy case. sloppy in how it was handled. >> bob: this is a nightmare returning, casey anthony. i thought we got rid of her a year ago. they spelled suffocation wrong and they did put it through on her computer but they spelled it wrong. >> bob: jose baez wrote about it and said it goes to the story line that he put forward that george want mint was conducting the search because he watched her drown and wanted to kill himself that way. dais i did not take criminology 101 in college but i'm pretty sure that would have been something to check if first grade education in criminology. what makes me crazy is taxpayers pay for this. the prosecution, you see a lot of this happening. how can they miss something this big?
2:43 pm
>> eric: we need to point out. poor caley anthony is dead because an investigator didn't try another spacey in case casey anthony couldn't spell it. it. >> kimberly: this is not difficult to do. you can get forensic stuff to do this on volunteer services to retrieve files. i did this, 15 years ago. >> eric: remember how long the trial was going on and the lead-uplead-up? >> bob: but is there more on this woman? >> greg: we can't go back to look at this. if she doesn't do something else to somebody else she will be free. who nose if he is will stay out of trouble. >> bob: was she on geraldo's boat? >> kimberly: no! >> brian: it was just people saying that. how many other cases that are out there without the publicity of "the five" looking into them and how many
2:44 pm
people are in jail for no reason or free for no reason. >> dana: we are good at criminology on "the five." >> kimberly: i am. >> dana: true. one expert. 20%. one-fifth. >> brian: nobody convict of a crime, nobody here, right? >> bob: well. a few minor ones. >> kimberly: way to out bob. >> brian: that should be the one more thing. 16 minutes before the top of the hour. should schools be able to use latest technology to track the child's every move without your consent? one school is doing it. if it works it could happen in your school next. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to.
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>> bob: i do not have a clue who did that strong. school district in san antonio force students to carry i.d. card to let the school track where the students are at all time. civil libertys want it stop for privacy concerns. the past weekend, the computer
2:49 pm
program used for tracking system was hacked. this is tough for me being a parent of two teenagers. sometimes i want them tracked but from a privacy standpoint it's a bad idea. >> eric: as a parent of 14-year-old i can tell them to talkbe to me after you have a 14-year-old. i'm for this. i love this idea. on a chip, on a card, they have to have with them. they can get around things by putting the card and leaving. not that big of a deal. keeping your kids in line and letting them know you are watching is a good thing. >> brian: like dog electric fence. of course this is bad. if a dog is past your property line and buzzed on the neck, that is what this is about. if they leave the san antonio school and leaves he will get arrested, thrown out of school, brought home. if you have a kid with a pattern of bad behavior, say listen, you get a necklace. happy? that scares them be. you can't track every kid.
2:50 pm
if you have an iphone, you are trackable. >> bob: are you for this? >> dana: absolutely not. this delays them from growing up. you are not tracked your whole live and taken care of and coddled. >> kimberly: some people never grow up. >> dana: i'm against it. >> bob: who would that be? >> dana: i would take a pledge to vote against this. >> bob: are you in favor of this with your son? >> kimberly: i worry about children all the time. i do. i always have. being a prosecutor and working on the cases i know what is out there. that bothers me. obviously, i feel like it's invasive on your privacy, but not more so than paying a toll or using a debit card or getting in a taxi and swiping it, text messaging. they know everything you are doing. even divorce lawyers, believe me, you are lucky you haven't gotten in trouble with the iphone. [ laughter ] >> bob: this one, too.
2:51 pm
i have tracking devices on the kids' cars. >> eric: you do? >> bob: yeah. >> eric: have you told them? >> bob: no. >> eric: would you rather have the school call you and say your daughters have been away from school for ten days. >> brian: bad parenting. if my kid is away from school for ten days -- >> eric: how old are they? >> brian: 9 and 11. >> eric: the jury says they all lie. they all lie. >> bob: tell your girls they can't date until they're 25. >> brian: they know. i am not thinking about dating. >> dana: they are. >> brian: i don't want to think about that. if you have good attendance, then the school district gets more money. do you understand how it comes full circle. >> kimberly: do it again. >> brian: no. >> dana: slow creep of the
2:52 pm
government taking away your libertys. this is a government. that is a school. >> bob: there is a american pediatric association decided there should be now, they should give the young women under 16 the morning after pill for contraceptive uses. without checking with the parents. what do you think? >> kimberly: thumbs down. >> bob: why? >> kimberly: there are health and medical complications, it's not appropriate to give to child under 18. there should be parental notification and consent. >> eric: i agree. at the risk of having a son, not a daughter, if the kids have it, if the girls have it, and practice unsafe sex because they have morning after pill they could get other things like stds. >> dana: again, more
2:53 pm
creeping of the independence that children should have and families should g.o.p. themselves. >> brian: i'll save time for one more thing. >> kimberly: you one more thing is next. that was good! ♪ ♪ ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great.
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where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. you can stay in and like something... or you can get out there and actually like something. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> eric: one more thing. >> brian: this weekend, twilight was out and i had to find a movie to bring my 89 and 11-year-old. my 16-year-old had other plans. twilight, no, "lincoln," too complicated. i tried one. "skyfall," they can't follow the plot. took a risk. the best i have taken. here comes the boom with kevin james. no cursing. no sex scenes to explain. school and kids, cool to sit at a movie with a 9 and 11-year-old laughing outlead. they have no heat at ufc. it did the first five play-by play-by-play. this is what adam sandler should do. kevin james produced it. it was good. >> dana: if you like travel writing might have meat "travels with charlie."
2:58 pm
and a journalist who wrote a story about charles with -- travels with charlie said this was fictionalized and steinbeck did not go on a trip with his poodle named charlie. he was a fiction writer. the whole time, i love it forever and now i find out it's fiction. if i get a chance to go on journey with jasper, i promise you it will be real. >> kimberly: very dramatic. gangum style. give me a little bit. >> bob: you're up. >> kimberly: i'm doing it. ♪ ♪ sorry, you just love it. this is what i was doing saturday night. i was jumping on my bed. hat on and i had no boots but anyway, i was doing this with my boy. he loves it. we're dancing. >> eric: the point is, this video -- >> kimberly: sorry. everyone watched it.
2:59 pm
806.3 million. beat justin bieber by 2.4 million. you were dancing on your bed. >> eric: go quickly. that time of the year. favorite picture. check out the scottsdale gun club, pictures with santa and the big guns. leigh it there, save extra time for robert beckel. >> bob: i have to tell you a story. wednesday night before thanksgiving. busiest travel night of the year. i went to penn station to get on my train. what happened? everybody was ou outside because police were evacuating penn station so you had 15 to 20,000 people trying to get to jersey. you can imagine what the jerseyites said how they wanted to get home. they weren't kind about it. i said let's calm down. but they said shut up! go back to tv. i said everybody take a single line. go back in the station.


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